The 'Dear Mum' course was utterly wonderful. 

Bianca's warmth, intelligence, empathy and kindness was combined with an extraordinary ability to engage with every member of the group and their relationship with their grief, at the same time as taking us on a journey through some beautiful literature, and guiding us towards forms and methods of writing which - from the very first week - have started to help me process the loss of my Mum and other sad events in a way I've truly never experienced before. 

I've always been nervous of writing, despite reading being a major part of my personal and professional life, but the course helped me to understand that it's so worthwhile putting pen to page, helping to unpack the jumble of thoughts in my head around the death of my Mum. Bianca's personal approach made the entire experience so comfortable; it felt like the perfect mix of gentle therapy, a chance to talk about my Mum to people I knew would understand, and an opportunity to tap into the creative part of my brain and a love of literature which it's so easy to neglect when the demands of life weigh heavily on the shoulders.


I would highly recommend the writing class Dear Mum... it's a unique class which allows you to find a new meaning to the grief you are suffering from and believe me in England these are hard to find! The classes guide you to write to your mum in a way you may never have done before. In a world were the loss of a mother is so big  this class enabled me to find a new peace and learn to speak to my mum in a different way.


"I am so very grateful to Bianca for running the 'Dear Mum' writing group. I came across it at a time in my life where I felt a little disconnected to, and lost in, my grief. I was daunted about writing at first, and I wasn't sure how I would feel sharing such personal (and painful) experiences. The sessions were expertly led by Bianca, who led the discussions with compassion and understanding, and I soon found myself at ease. As part of the course, you will have access to a wealth of resources and writings on grief. These helped me gain the confidence to write and share my own poem, and the process of doing so made me feel like I was untangling some of the complex thoughts in my head. In addition to writing, 'Dear Mum' is also a wonderful opportunity to talk, share, laugh and cry with others who understand. Thank you, Bianca!" 


I’ve always thought that I’ve dealt with my grief quite well, but having a baby during lockdown and not having my mum to rely on really brought everything back. The Dear Mum course was an absolute god send. It was like therapy! It was lovely to be able to talk to each other, take time for ourselves and to develop our writing. Bianca shared some beautiful poems, excellent resources on grief and ran the course brilliantly. I feel really lucky to have taken that time for myself being a new mum, and also to enable me to work through difficult feelings in a new way. It’s done wonders for my confidence as well. Highly recommended!!

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