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3rd July workshop: Mothering and Mother Loss

£30.00 GBP

Mothering and Mother Loss:

a one-day workshop to help you live with losing your mum while bringing up babies

Saturday 3rd July, 11am-3pm (with a 1hr break for lunch)

There’s no getting away from it, bringing up children without a supportive mum to help you is just tougher. In turn, working through your grief when caring for little ones has its challenges. And yet, when it comes to living with loss, bringing life into the world and nurturing your children can be a powerfully regenerative and healing act too.

Join for a one-day workshop with other motherless mothers where we will use a combination of poetry, images and writings on grief to reflect on how losing our mothers is shaping the mums we are becoming, and how in caring for our children we can find ways to take care of ourselves too.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve never written before or don’t think of yourself as a ‘creative person’, just so long as you’re willing to give writing a go. Texts are short and read aloud to support different reading speeds. Have your notebooks and pens at the ready for writing challenges during class, followed by an invitation to share a more extended piece in a group forum one week later. 

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